My projects

Polish Rhymes Finder

App that allows to find polish rhymes and its definitions

  • Offline dictionary with ~3 million words
  • Allow to look for inaccurate rhymes(with similar phonetics)
  • Tapping on word show its definition
  • Native apps, iOS/Swift, Android(started in Java, was rewritten to Kotlin)

Freestyle Football Timer

Timer app with song player that help freestylers doing battles

  • Choose your favourite song, timer will add airhorns when needed
  • Battle mode: 3 minutes with breaks every 30 secs, with optional extra time
  • Qualification mode: 1.5 minutes with breaks every 30 sec to get practice timing
  • Practice mode: Duration of chosen song, to practice for live shows etc.
  • Native apps, iOS/Swift, Android/Java

iOS Ad Blocker

Especially effective for polish websites

Simple Ad blocker for Safari using content blocking framework

Freelance gigs

Brief overwiew of my contracted work. Details omitted due to NDAs